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Every Space Launch in History

This video will show every space flight in human history from 1957 to 2021 in chronological order. This visualization indicates for each mission which country is the main contributor.

This data includes historic rocket launch data for both public and private space launches. It also shows data from NASA, Roscosmos (Russian equivalent of NASA), SpaceX, and many more space agencies.


0:00 Spaceflight in the 50s

0:54 Spaceflight in the 60s

5:38 Spaceflight in the 70s

10:41 Spaceflight in the 80s

15:41 Spaceflight in the 90s

20:04 Spaceflight in the 2000s

24:12 Spaceflight in the 2010s

28:46 Rocket launches in 2020

29:16 Rocket launches in 2021

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The data from this animation can be downloaded below:

Download XLSX • 343KB
Download XLSX • 216KB

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