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Data Visualization Course Now Available

How to make animated pie charts with Python in 3:00 minutes

In this tutorial you will learn the exact same techniques I use to make my animated data visualizations. And the best thing is that it only takes 3:00 minutes to learn!

We will be using the open-source python library that I have made and published in this tutorial, it is called sjvisualizer.

I am keen to see what you guys are making with this data viz library. Please tag me on Instagram or LinkedIn to show what you have made with this python library. I might reshare it with my existing audience ;) All the links: Sjvisualizer download:

Sjvisualizer documentation:

Free data repository:

📷 Instagram:

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0:00 Intro

0:06 Prerequisites/Installation

0:18 Formatting the data

0:30 Basic setup

1:33 How to add a title and time indicator with sjvisualizer

1:46 How to add icons with sjvisualizer

1:58 How to add custom images with sjvisualizer

2:28 How to reposition or resize sjvisualizer charts

2:41 Outlook

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