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What software do you use for Pie Chart Pirate?

Hi my name is Sjoerd, and I am the creator of Pie Chart Pirate. The question I get asked the most is: "What software do you use when making your data visualizations?". In this post I will answer that question.

I use my own python data visualization library, it is called sjvisualizer. I have published parts of it open-source here:

Currently this open-source version can only make bar chart races.

The current capabilities of the non-open-source version of sjvisualizer are as follows:

✔️ Pie Charts (it started with that)

✔️ Line Charts

✔️ Vertical Bar Charts

✔️ Stacked Bar Charts

✔️ Maps

I want to make these charts available for early access as well at some point through launching a data visualization community. Feel free to sign up here:

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