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World Population Growth from 1 to 2022

Hello #datafam! The global population will reach 8 billion this year. I thought this is a nice opportunity to visualize the growth of the world population from the year 1 to 2022.

Just for some context.

- We “only” had a world population of 190 million in the year 1.

- It took 1800 years to reach 1 billion

- It took about 125 years to reach 2 billion

- Just 50 years to reach 4 billion

- And another 50 years to reach 8 billion

Makes you wonder what happened since the 1800s that allowed for such a boom in population. 🤔 What do you think?

Tools: python, pandas, tkinter, sjvisualizer (, for bar chart race only)

Data source:

Collected data and formatted data:

Download XLSX • 13KB

Download XLSX • 1.79MB

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