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Elevate Engagement, Reach Your Audience: Unleashing Impactful Data Stories

What we do best

  • Data driven social media content creation

  • Social media management

  • Interactive data visualization design for the web

  • Sponsored social media posts to our 100k+ followers

  • Want to learn how to make stunning data stories yourself? Book a private training to learn data driven content creation.

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What Our Customers Say

"Sjoerd was very flexible and communicative throughout the entire project we hired him for. He visualized some television ratings data over a long period of time. The final product looked great and I’d recommend him highly."

Raphael Chierchio, FOX Sports National Networks

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Want to learn data animation yourself?

Check out the out the Data Animation and Visualization Course below. Or check out the free open-source software we publish and maintain!

Beginner Friendly Course

Mastering Data Visualization for Social Media with Python

Open-source software


We at SJ Data Visualizations love open-source software. For this reason we have published part of the software we use to help you get started in your data animation journey. Check it out here.

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