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Jul 24, 2023
In How to
How do I remove this white bar (see image)? I'm not sure what is causing it, but it is somehting in the line below creating the bar_race. It lays on top of the my background canvas image which is messing up the view. # creating the bar race bar_race = BarRace.bar_race(canvas=canvas.canvas, df=dfbar, colors=colors, width=725, height=225, x_pos=45, y_pos = 160, unit="$", font_color=FONT_COLOR) # adding the bar race to the canvas canvas.add_sub_plot(bar_race) background = StaticImage.static_image(canvas=canvas, file=CANVAS_IMAGE_PNG, x_pos=0, y_pos=0, width=825, height=700) canvas.add_sub_plot(background)
White bar that cuts through viz... any ideas? content media


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