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Estimating Digits of Pi With Polygons 🥧

Happy Pi Day everyone! 🥧 Today we celebrate one of the most fascinating and mysterious mathematical constants - pi! 🎉

Last year, I estimated pi using the Monte Carlo method, and this year I want to share another fun and accessible method - the polygon method! This involves inscribing a regular polygon inside a circle and using its perimeter to estimate the circumference of the circle. By increasing the number of sides of the polygon, we can get increasingly accurate estimates of pi.

Using some basic geometry, we can calculate the perimeter of this polygon and then use it to estimate the circumference of the circle. By doing this calculation, we get an estimate of pi that is even closer to the actual value!

If you're interested in trying out this method yourself, you can find an interactive version on my website. #PiDay, #Mathematics, #Geometry, #DataVisualization #MathArt #dataviz 🤓🎉🥧

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